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What is Digital Marketing Funnel & How Does It Works?

by Md Azharuddin

Marketing has always been one of the most important areas of getting the business in the growth phase. Traditional funnel-based marketing strategies are now failing because of the digital age that is driven solely by social media and the internet.. An online marketing funnel is active now and used by many businesses to get unlimited traffic.

First, it is mandatory to understand what is a digital marketing funnel. If we try to describe it, it can be said that the combination of steps that a user takes to convert a lead into a customer is a funnel. There are many marketing funnels methods, but they mainly focus on the single basic thing- to convert leads into potential customers. Let’s have a look at it in detail.

Why digital marketing funnel is important?

Digital marketing funnels are important in terms of their impact on business growth. First of all, the new marketing funnel focuses on the non-linear experience, which leads to something unique in terms of experience and experience sold today. Behavior-driven methods are used in current marketing funnels leading to good traffic and successful conversion of the leads into customers.
Using the funnels, you will discover strategies, motivations, effective plans, and relationships that will be leveraged to get increased traffic to your business.

How does a marketing funnel works?

A marketing funnel works only in the form of a unified whole. When every section of the funnel works in perfect sync with another one, it leads to a good experience and a great return for getting a good conversion succession rate.

Let’s have a look at different sections of the marketing funnel that makes it a complete whole to be used in digital marketing-


Awareness in terms of brand and its products helps you leverage the audience’s appeal. This will enable you to create a brand recognition method leading to more traffic and sales. Awareness can be leveraged through many strategies such as content marketing, social media, and email marketing. Advertisement using Google, Facebook, and Instagram is also some of the most effective tools for brand awareness.


What is consideration? Consideration is the trust that you build in front of the customers. So that when they hear your name, they compare it to your competitor and still choose you. This is proof of the social assistance that brands use.


When does the conversion happen? It is not done until the customers purchase the product or service. Until that moment, the customer remains a lead that may or may not become a customer. So, what is important here? The conversion process is a simple method for purchasing or selling a product or service. Since the lead is just trying to check the experience of your brand or product, using a simple process will lead to an enhanced conversion rate.


Action is the step where the ball is in the court of business. When the lead has purchased one product or service from you, what will be your plan of action? Are you going to deliver the experience you promised, or you will not do that? The effective action directed towards building the trust and experience you promised the customer makes it worthwhile to use the brand, and it will help retain the customer.


Retention is the step where the customer becomes attached to your brand for a specific product or service. Meaning they will come back again and again to get the same feeling. It can be beautifully seen in terms of Apple users. They go back to Apple for the experience. This is the thing that marketing funnel managers can use. Retention is the thing where customer loyalty is checked.

Steps to Create Best Digital Marketing Funnel

Creating a successful digital marketing funnel is not difficult if you know what you want. Let’s have a look at different areas where you can work-

Top of Funnel: 01 Visibility

The most important aspect there is to create visibility. This can be done through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin and more. When customers don’t know your products, it is time to create a brand awareness strategy to introduce yourself. Using infographics, advertisements, and different engagement routines will help. Also, you can take risks to increase your experimentation with products so that one might click with the audience leading to better product visibility.

Middle of Funnel: 02 Engagement

Engagement is the area where actual interaction happens. Here many strategies can come into play. How good is your website? How is the payment procedure? What experience do you provide when a customer comes to you? Is the info correct? The basic thing that you are doing is solving an important customer issue, so the question you need to ask is that are you capable enough to fulfill the demands of your customers. Comparison charts, customer case studies, and buyer’s guides are good steps to create good engagement.

Bottom of Funnel: 03 Action

This is the bottom of the funnel and also the support system. This will support the top two areas. When you are functioned by a team dedicated to the effective action plan, it will lead to loyal customers. Triggering the customer into action is the goal here.

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