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Best Skills to Make Money Online for Students

by Md Azharuddin

Today a reader, tomorrow, a leader! This is probably the best-fit description for every individual who’s in the phase of being a student. It’s time when any student strives for opportunities and has their devotion at its peak. Are you a student? Well, you should be thankful that your student journey has fallen under the 21st century, or more luckily, during 2021!

Nowadays, there are a plethora of opportunities to make money online, be it a college student or a recent graduate. Covid-19 has unfortunately devastated various industries, but at the same time, it engendered the mode of working to ”online”. This article has been handcrafted to answer all those students who might be wondering how to make money online? Excited? Let’s get into it!

Social Media Marketing

Data says an average person spends about 140-145 minutes per day on social media, and probably you might be the one too. But, did you know, while you’re doing this, some individuals make a decent income on the same platform and are known as social media marketers. Social media plays an inevitable role in terms of marketing for any business, and the cruise will keep sailing.

Do you consider yourself a pro on social media? Well, with brushing up your skills and learning appropriate tools, you can turn your interest into a money-yielding profession. Your primary role will be scheduling and posting across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. In addition, there’s a lot more to explore, like paid ads, increasing brand awareness, elevating engagement for brands, etc.

Graphic Designing

Do you take a pause when you come across captivating banners or posts while scrolling through social media? Do you have a flair for color schemes followed by a creative thought process? Well, the chances are high that you can do well if you opt-in for graphic designing.

Every business requires designers for marketing purposes. Therefore, the demand is endless. Be it a logo, ad banners, website design, brochures, offline pamphlets, or hoardings; graphic designers do it all. There’s a lot of online tutorials available to learn related software, Photoshop being the most popular to start your career as a graphic designer. Once you learn, you can start as a freelancer and grab opportunities through portals like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and more.


Copywriting, for many, might sound like a skill where you will be writing copies for various topics. However, copywriting entangles consumers to make buying decisions for a business’s product or service. Therefore, it’s not just about being a maestro with grammar while writing, but understanding human psychology is equally important.

Copywriting can reward you with excellent opportunities to make money online working with various brands. But before that, you will need to learn copywriting skills and understand all that’s involved. Once you learn it, you will be able to write feasible landing pages, sales pages, emails, ad copies, etc., to grab people’s attention. The best part is that you will fix your charges based on your skills and earn a good living.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

SEO, Search Engine optimization is the key to unlock success for any business’s website. It helps to uplift the visibility of a website on Google’s SERP, and bring organic traffic, just the way you came across this article, probably.

Now, it’s easily understandable how vital SEO is for businesses, thus opening doors for SEO professionals to make handsome earnings. An SEO specialist manages the quality and quantity of traffic visiting websites and applies various methods to improve a website’s performance. However, learning SEO is a continuous process, as Google keeps updating its algorithm, and you would be required to keep track of it. The scope of earning as an SEO specialist is gratifying enough, and with more experience, you get a merrier income.

Search Engine Marketing 

SEM or Search Engine marketing has the same objective as SEO but works in paid advertisement. When you search for any product online, possibly Google, you might have noticed ads from several websites offering related products. Now, chances are, if those ads were not there, you would go to another website to meet your requirement. There lies the importance of SEM, and it is considered a crucial marketing strategy for businesses to increase reach and sales.

Therefore, the opportunity of making money online as a search engine marketer is eminent. All you need to do is take courses where you can learn tools and techniques for SEM, and you’ll be ready to step into the industry.

Software Development 

Software development has been admired as a great skill as it is continuing to offer lucrative earning opportunities for the last three decades. However, with the evolved way of working, as a skilled software developer, you can earn handsomely online without the necessity of stepping out of your home and joining a conventional 5-9 job.

Start learning the programming languages in demand like Python, PHP, R, GO and start working on your small projects. Host your projects on GitHub to showcase your skills. There is immense demand for programming freelancers and software developers. 

Game Development

With the increased popularity of mobile games, the demand for adept game developers is increasing drastically. You can indeed leverage this opportunity and start working online as a game developer. It is undoubtedly going to open the doors of lucrative benefits.

Website Designing & Development 

Web development, indeed, deserves a special mention as it’s one of the best skills to make money online. Be it social media marketing, SEM, or SEO, where will all that lead to? Of course, the company’s website is why the demand and importance of web developers are inescapable.

Now, does web development remind you of tremendous coding skills? The good news is it’s no longer required to start as a web developer. More surprisingly, there are websites available to build websites! The suggested one is WordPress, as it’s easy to learn and use. You would need to learn a few basics, like changing or installing themes, improving functionality, etc. This won’t take much of your time, and you can learn them quickly to start as a freelance web developer and grab a share of enormous amounts of money floating in the industry.

Mobile Apps Development

With growth of mobile usage, the popularity of mobile apps is rapidly increasing, and it’s accelerating the demand for more skilled mobile app developers. So, if you’re searching for a great way to earn money online, you can consider learning mobile app development and making money working online.

Video Editing

Video editors have the magical power of creating or modifying videos that are appealing and value-driven. These days, businesses are investing a lot in video advertising, which introduces a horizon of opportunities to the people who’ve learned video editing and are looking for online works. 


This additional skill acts as a piece of cherry on the cake. Blogging is an essential marketing tool and a critical component of the sales funnel. Hence, knowing the know-how of blogging can help you to earn money online.

Hope this helps! Start adopting the skill that looks interesting to you and let success kiss your fit!

Md Azharuddin

I am a Digital Marketing Strategist with 14+ Years of Experience. I can help you build your marketing campaigns and grow your business online.

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